Remembered Realms

History of the Campaign

Time Line:
Vincent, Mordigan and Rayen received a commission to deliver a sensitive letter to a lord in the eastern countries.  While traveling a well kept road through Gildenglade, they were forced to take shelter in a nearby cave when a torrential storm set upon them.  At the entrance, the warriors battled some grizzled kobolds before continuing to explore and pillage the kobold hive.  They slew a few other kobolds and remarked that most of them were either very inexperienced or so old that they should have retired from soldiering long ago.  Before leaving, they recovered an interesting idol shaped to the liking of some strange kobold deity.

Upon returning to the road, the kobold slayers soon entered the gnomish shire of Gildenglade where they were greeted with a small amount of suspicion.  Through conversation, it was revealed that the party helped the citizens by clearing the nearby nest of kobolds and retrieved an interesting idol from its cache.  The gnomes are very angry and explain that there has been a truce with the kobolds and they will most certainly return their wrath upon them.  Scouts soon return word that Greshlyrr, the leader of the kobolds, is leading a war band to descend upon the gnomish village and wipe them out.

Rallying the gnomish farmers and tinkers into a militia, the group joins one of the parties and assists in defeating the forces of kobolds but sustain many losses.  The gnomes no longer have to worry about the kobold but ask you to leave right away and not to return.

Continuing east to deliver the letter still being carried, the party traveled a few days before coming across a very wealthy estate that later became known as Giltrucks manor.  Exploring its halls, the party battled wereboars and wererats before finally being confronted by lord Giltruck, a terrifying werewolf.  The ever victorious party survived and looted many powerful magical items from its chambers.

While exploring the surrounding grounds, a nearby crypt resonating evil revealed a small maze of subterranean passages guarded by a Minotaur.  Here Vincent acquired his Luck Blade.

Back on the road east and no longer carrying the letter to drive them forward, the party stops over in the small farming village of Havenford.  The bardic adventurer Kaer was met and recruited into the party.  It was also learned of an enchanted forest where strange monsters sometimes wandered out of and seeking wealth and adventure, the party followed the stories into the unknown.  Within the strange misty trails, the party battled skeletons, mudmen and eventually a giant skeleton who guarded "Night Slayer", the paladin sword carried by Mordigan.

Black Dragon's Swamp
Back at Havenford, the party hears rumors of a black dragon nesting to the north east.  Now gaining notoriety, the party is requested to follow the tales and report back on the danger this might realistically present.  True to the past trends, the party traverses the swamps into the nests and ultimately does battle with a baby black dragon.  In a pitched battle, they survive and acquire the bulk of the party wealth from the young dragons hoarded.  No knowledge is gained about any possible parent for this nest.  Many other fantastic magical treasures are recovered at this point including Rayen's hammer "Returner".

Hall of the Worlds
After returning to Havenford, the party decided to journey north for new adventures when they soon come upon a strange cave guarded by owl bears.  While resting the night within, inter dimensional slavers travel through a gateway from the hall of worlds seeking to sell your abled bodies for profit.  Fighting off your attackers, you learn much about how the halls work including the use of magical tongue rings by the slavers to work the portals.  Aided by a gem of comprehension, they forced a survivor to take them into the world where they would have been sold.  They travel the halls and finally enter a desert realm where they discover an oppressive society in the city of Tanzierr lead by an evil priestess, Naglatha, who was in the process of converting most of its citizens to her cult following.  By religious sacrifice to Talona, she intended to perform a rite that would grant her absolute power and end the world for everyone else.  However, through the traditional sort of bravado, the adventurers faced overwhelming odds, slaying many clerics and other followers to stop her plans from coming to fruition.  When faced with battling Naglatha herself, Mordigan was dealt a terrible curse and Vincent was teleported to an unknown realm.

With the battle won, Naglatha was purified and washed of all evil intent.  Her cult was also altered and converted with her to the ways of good and assisted in returning the party back to their own world.

Upon their return to their home world and the town of Havenford, now built into a thriving trade city, the remaining members encounter a small group of paladins and clerics to Tyr.  They learn that they have been missing for 10 years and the local temple has been looted and set aflame.  Hurrying into town, you learn that someone has robbed the temple of its treasures and the group offers to join the hunt to recover the relics.  Not forgetting their comrade Vincent, they also seek the advice of the local sage, Rhauntides, to find him as well as identify some of their spoils.  He guides the group in the use of the arrow of direction which directs the party east where the looters have also fled.

In the barren wastes of the east, the party finds a wizards tower that leads them to confront a green aibishi, a demon who has killed his wizard master but is stuck within his summoning circle.  Again, battling for justice, the party defeats an obviously evil foe and learn the secrets of the tower through the wizards notes.  It seems that the demon taught the wizard how to capture wayward souls through the planes where he happened top grab Vincent as well as Jens Arbor, a Fighter/Thief with a bit of misfortune.  Realizing that Vincent was here in the tower, the party sets about releasing him and finding his body.  With information from Jens on how the city of Severshield operates, the group continues onward where the looters of Tyr have taken refuge.
Within its walls, the group learns of the church of the coin where it seems the looters have been tracked below within a warren of puzzles and hallways.  At the end of the adventure, Mordigan releases the demon Red Star into the realm by way of his evil curse and the group is left to wonder what evils he will unleash upon their world.

Giants and Strahd
Back in Havenford, the party learns of more trouble to the north with war breaking out in the lands where giants dwell.  The party is unsuccessful and turned back at its borders where a party of giants hurling boulders proved too much to overcome.  Its here where the mists of Ravenloft bring the party into the land of evil and find themselves in a confrontation with the infamous count.  Here the party meets and joins forces with Tempest the wizard and within the small village, they are invited to visit the castles itself.  Riding in Strahd's personal carriage, the suspicious group goes through many back passages and traps defeating various undead before looting much of the treasure, including a Sun Sword, on their path to defeating Strahd.  In the battle, Tempest was killed but the way home was opened and his remains were carried through back to the land of the living.

Elven lands of the South
After recovering from drained levels and years, the group has a major turning point as Rayen takes a sabbatical in a return to his dwarven homeland in the Halls of Steel.  The rest of the group travels south guided by Kaer where they hope to learn more of Red Star and access other knowledge for future adventurers.  They meet with a kindly traveler, Braig, who joins them as a resident of the region seeking to bring peace during troubled times.  On the road, the group meets a weeping woman whose husband has been turned to stone.  Through prayer, Mordigan learns the destiny of his sword and offers it as sacrifice to free the man from his petrification.  In gratitude, he gifts his own sword before the party continues on to the city of Covdale where they learn of a Medusa Menace on the outskirts of the countryside.  Guided by a shifty fellow named Omar, he takes the group to the entrance where a battle with ogres ensues.  Deeper in the caves, a Maedar is encountered protecting his medusa wife and through trickery, forces the party to seek the abandoned wizards tower where the true villain dwells.

Within what is thought to be an abandoned elvish outpost, the group finds a functioning wizard lair, thick with puzzles and elementals of all kinds to stop anyone from interrupting the research of the elementals.  The strange magic of the tower shows the images of the past elven lords and the importance of the towers operation during war times.  The party must travel through all of the levels of the sub tower before gaining access to the second tower where the twisted wizard resides.  Through a difficult battle, he is defeated and the adventurers once again revel in the spoils of the hard efforts.

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